Hey people, we have reached an agreement: the FATAL remains!

First of all; a gigantic thank you to you – to all supporters, who love or like the FATAL and have expressed this in the most charming way! We got a new, unlimited use agreement for the rooms of the FATAL from the Studierendenwerk (University Management). However, this use agreement interrupts in the construction phase of the canteen, during which we can not guarantee the safety of our guests. How the reconstruction will take place, and how long we are affected will be clarified soon, we guess. In the course of our construction phase, our emergency exits are to be renovated, so that we can give a good time to more than the drastically reduced number of guests approved by the new fire protection concept! On to the next 30 years of fatalism!

Dear Guests and Artists,

as you may have heard we are not sure if and how the FATAL will further exist. Since we first wanted to contact the authorities concerned and also had to let the hard facts sink for a little while this statement comes a bit delayed. Despite our silence plenty of you showed solidarity with us. We are overwhelmed by your support, which we can put to good use right now!

A quick update of what is going on right now: Our contract has been canceled by March 31. 2019. Since the cafeteria above the FATAL is about to be reconstructed we will not be able do access our venue during parts of the construction phase. Yet we don’t know more, but there will be talks by the end of the week that will hopefully clarify the situation we are facing.

For more than 30 years we have been a self-governing university-pub, representing an essential part of the cultural landscape in the university town of Landau. We offer both regional and international artists* a stage. The focus is not on profit, but rather on creating the most diverse cultural offer possible. It is also important to us that our events are affordable for all people. To make this possible, we run the shop from cleaning to counter shifts to organising concerts alongside jobs and studies on a voluntary basis and with a great deal of dedication. Also the support of the student body and the Studierendenwerk contribute considerably to it.

In addition to concerts, we regularly offer a meeting place for lectures, discussions or meetings of politically active groups. This makes the FATAL an important link between university and city life. We see ourselves as a free space for respectful interaction, regardless of origin, social position, gender or sexual orientation. In our opinion, this is an existential contribution to society, especially in times of growing intolerance and a progressive shift to the right.
So there’s a lot at stake. It’s hard to imagine Landau without our beloved cellar hole. If the same goes for you, we are happy about any support. We will keep you informed about all further developments.

With hopeful greetings

your fatalists